2020 NM AMP Virtual Undergraduate Student Research Conference 



The New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation (New Mexico AMP) invites you to attend its Virtual Undergraduate Research Conference on October 9, 2020!

2019 NM AMP Undergraduate Research Conference

The New Mexico AMPStudent Research Conference brings together students and faculty from across the state as well as students and teachers from the New Mexico Math, Engineering, Science Achievement, Inc. program (NM MESA) and Upward Bound. The conference provides the opportunity each fall for students to present research, gain presentation experience, network with other students and with faculty, and participate in workshops and panels. The focus on professional development provides students exposure to workshops, poster presentations, and excellent speakers. Pre- and post-conference Community College Professional Development Workshops are held the day before and the day after the conference. These workshops provide participating pre-transfer students to gain an understanding of the goals and purposes of the conference and to help them navigate conference opportunities and activities for the best conference experience. The workshops are highly participatory and include group exercises, individual reflection, and team presentations.