Conference Overview

The New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation (New Mexico AMP) will host its annual statewide student research conference on October 12-14, 2022.

The day of the conference is October 13th, with pre-and post-conference workshops for community college students on October 12 and 14. Each year, the conference brings together students and faculty from the state’s colleges and universities as well as students and teachers from New Mexico Math, Engineering, Science Achievement, Inc. (New Mexico MESA) program, and other programs.


Conference Activities

The activities that take place on Conference day include; student poster presentations, motivational speakers, guest speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities.
The highlight of the conference is the undergraduate student research presentations, which take place throughout the day. In these poster presentation sessions, students share their research findings, and they have the opportunity to compete with other presenters for awards. The presentations are judged competitively by a panel of professionals and faculty members.

This conference provides an excellent opportunity to network with faculty and to learn more about research. Also, the conference provides workshops that are relevant to university and community college students. The New Mexico Engineering and Science Achievement, Inc. ( NM MESA) program offers workshops for their high school participants.